The unique experience of HoReCa furniture

A modern dynamic world with its numerous demands has created a unique trend for focusing on calm relax and home comfort in every sphere of our activity. Whether we are in a planned business trip or have a meeting with friends in a cozy cafe, it is essential to see the nice surrounding.  Together with our customers, Maven develops beautiful commercial interior furniture that ensures a unique experience and can be developed from sketch to final product.

In our HoReCa assortment, you can find furniture for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and leisure or lounge zones. We pay our attention to completely customized concepts developed with customers’ or interior designers inspired by different styles, times or epochs. Very often it is about a combination of different styles where a certain approach is needed in order to achieve the final result.

Commercial interior furniture designed to create the atmosphere

We create products suitable for any type of hospitality interior. Our journey has started with designed tables with steel table bases powder coated or in original sanded cast iron. Then it was a long journey with a combination of different table tops, shapes, and colors suited to bar furniture. Now we keep in our standard assortment plenty of assembled tables or table frames ready to be installed in its new place. Although we create many items by our own there is still a wide range of products to be created thanks to the rich imagination of our direct customers and HoReCa suppliers.

You are welcome to join our journey in the world of HoReCa furniture.

We offer a range of dedicated products for HORECA facilities furnishing and decorating with a focus on additional and/or specific requests. Our solutions are ideal for assembling all kinds of cupboards, tables, benches and tailor-made designed solutions.

All desired heights, lengths and colors can be put together! Actually, there may be created something in between regular shapes, materials or dimensions if design project requires so. We are always a proper partner who provides innovative solutions for contemporary commercial interiors.


Modern public premises interior design is an important aspect of creating and maintaining a successful company image.

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