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Workdesks and more

A non-trivial mix of new trendy themes made by Maven to get fitted to different office layouts with their own personal interior design style. The commitment to protect the environment and human health is a priority in our path for sustainability. Our philosophy is quite simple – a focus on moving from the box to its content, from the building to the individual. Our team values collaboration both inside the company and outside with customers. It is not merely a script we advocate, it is a process we execute every day.

Our heritage consists of many fabulous specimens we are proud of. The path of Maven office workdesk collections creation went through months of attempts and modifications. The desk tops vary in materials, textures, dimensions, and shapes.

In Maven offer there is plenty of ready to use and make to order office furniture elements for sale: benches, folding tables, conference tables, office tables, tables tops, table legs, table frames, document drawers, cabinets, and many others.

We do love a trend with height adjustable standing desk implementation into everyday office life. Our design brings height adjustable desk as furniture unit to a new level of contemporary office design. The electrically height-adjustable desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing during worktime in office. This type of desk is suitable to customers with the most appreciated added value on ergonomics and wellbeing of their employees. The desk can be a single unit, as well as may combine with different types of furniture and accessories, for example, height-adjustable desk with drawers or sound absorption desk panels. Our height-adjustable desks correspond to NEN 2449 norm what is essential to some of our partners.

Everything started from office workdesks inspiration

We constantly gather the most interesting trends around Europe to get inspired and be flexible enough to fulfill new upcoming inquiries from the office design industry. Indeed it is more international approach nowadays when it comes to the production of office furniture. However, we leave some room for imagination and try to make something weird and non-standard like many companies in the Netherlands and Denmark we are inspired about. That’s why we can declare our big love to best kantoormeubelen industry from this cozy region. We take an idea, bring it to our workshop and develop in order to create a value which will be appreciated by our existing and future customers.

Of course, it doesn’t mean we are focused on a particular area or segment. Our purpose is to take all the best from the industry, bring it into one place and be able to share this experience in all public spaces layout planning.

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