Wider design opportunities with tailor-made furniture

Tailor-made furniture concept arisen when design project needed to combine few contrasting styles, there were limitations of available space or non-standard solutions were needed to be applied. This concept is actually not only when it comes to furniture in trendy industrial or loft styles, but also for all types of projects with an exact focus on quality furniture suited to particular needs. The only thing is definite – our customers increasingly pull off the most daring blends in terms of both styles and finishes. That is where custom furniture manufacturer has a significant chance to show its capability not only in a field of designer furniture but also in its ability to adjust into a narrow range of interior design elements world. We are proud to declare we have experienced such challenges with our custom office furniture in fabulous little office premises in Central and Eastern Europe.

We listen carefully to what ideas are in the mind of our partners and then brainstorming begins. When it comes out there is certainly needed some custom furniture, the second implementation stage comes out. The most important issue for us as a furniture manufacturer is not to overestimate our possibilities. It happened very seldom when we used outsourced facilities to be in the line of customer’s demand.

Bespoke furniture from idea to real sample

Maven focuses on high-end furniture for all types of premises where the standard approach is not enough. We are specialized in tailor-made tables, designed for exact purpose furniture and interior elements and individual solutions for furniture. We passed successfully the stage of loft-style office and hospitality furniture and have experience in the creation of different material mixed elements.

Let us try to create something extraordinary new suited to a non-common project or give the second appearance to typical solutions and prove there is still plenty of space for imagination. We like to create new stylish furniture that remains in visitors memory a long time after they visited public or private premises where our modest imprint is visible.

In dialogue with our customers, step by step with a thought of needs and demands of our customers we are looking for an individual and customized solutions to each project’s requirements. Final goal for us is to adapt office, public or any other space to your own needs. We know that real comfort comes from a combination of ergonomics, technology, and aesthetics. This is what each workspace requires.

We are able to implement absolutely uncommon ideas coming from single drawings to real made solutions for particular needs. It comes not only about furniture, but also about interior / exterior design elements needed for a place to be a unique one.


There could definitely be instances wherein you couldn’t handle certain things and assembling furniture at commercial premises could be a great problem for your internal departments.

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